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  • Payments for web and mobile apps

    Payments for web and mobile apps

    We got you covered with simple payment buttons, an offsite checkout gateway and OAuth + a RESTful API.

  • Partner Program

    Partner Program

    Join the Livepay Partner Program. Earn money helping people grow their online business.

  • Simple fees

    Get paid

    Easily add your fee on top and get paid.

  • Simple fees

    Simple fees

    No hidden fees. No setup fees. No monthly fees*. You only pay for the payments you receive. It’s that simple.

  • Safe and Secure with Livepay

    Safe and Secure with Livepay

    Livepay transactions are safe, compliant and less of a liability for both consumers and merchants. Learn why..

    * A transaction fee applies to receiving payments, withdraws, and deposits via credit card. See Service Charges and Account holder Agreement for more information.

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